Personal accident insurance for A.S.O. events

We recommend that you take out a personal accident insurance. In the event of an accident during the race, it covers:

  • the payment of a capital (in the event of death or permanent disability);
  • the payment of a daily allowance (in the event of temporary incapacity);
  • the payment of your medical expenses;

We offer three options to choose from.

All options include a rapatriation cover.



Option Death
benefit (1)
benefit (3)
allowance (4)
Option 1 € 10,000 (2) € 30,000 none € 5,000 yes
Option 2 € 50,000 € 100,000 € 40/day € 15,000 yes
Option 3 € 100,000 € 150,000 € 75 €/day € 30,000 yes

(1) The death benefit aaplies for insured persons above 16 years old; for insured below 16, this is replaced by funeral expenses with a € 10,000 limit.

(2) If the insured is married or in a civil partnership, this benefit is raised to € 15,000.

(3) The disability benefit applies in the event of total permanent disability; in the event of partial permanent disability, this capital is reduced according to the insurer's table.

(4) The daily allowance is paid in the event of temporary incapacity, following an accident, from the 4th day of incapacity and for a maximum of 90 days.


Option Premium Tax incl.
Option 1 € 6
Option 2 € 16
Option 3 € 40


Insurance must be taken out before the date of the race.
This product only covers events organized by A.S.O.